In-Wall™ Systems

How the In-Wall™ System works:

  1. Following excavation, an aggregate footing base is compacted along the wall line and laser levelled to the required height. Standard 10' x 8' 3 1/2" high precast panels, with pre-fitted sheet metal channels and weighing just over 2,000 lbs, are delivered to the site along with accessory components (window, beam pocket, corners etc.).
  2. Using a crane, the panels are quickly aligned on the aggregate base and shimmed to true height. The sheet metal channels are fitted with additional steel "re-bar" to be imbedded in concrete. A high strength concrete mixture, poured and vibrated into the metal channels locks the entire foundation into a very strong single unit.
  3. The completed "One-Piece Foundation" results in a crack-free, full height, steel reinforced "I-beam", belted structure. The top chord may be completed with standard anchor bolts for attachment of the building structure. The lower chord is also the complete footing. And everything is level and square with close dimensional tolerances!
  4. With a single pour, a concrete footing, concrete posts, and a full, building-encirculating, concrete sill plate have been cast with wall panels already in place.
  5. The under-wall compacted aggregate base may extend continuously under the cellar floor, as well as beneath the precast foundation. This results in a very effective drainage system. The drainage system can be completed according to standard "code approved" practices.

Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) approval

This system has been tested by Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), Institute for Research in Construction (IRC), National Research Council of Canada (NRC):

Scale model

Completed sample house